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  I am mostly a C programmer, and some parts of PHP have me confused a
little.  I want to build a table of strings from some data -- can someone
tell me if this will work?

I've got a binary data file that originated from C.  The file at one point
contains a list of strings.  So there are a bunch of nonzero characters for
the first string, which ends in a 0, then the next string begins, etc etc
until the sequence of strings is ended by another 0.  (so two zeros in a
row -- the end of the last string, plus a final 0)

I know how long the whole table is, so I read the whole list of strings at
once like this:
   $Table = fread($filepos, $tablesize);

So, is that thing $Table an array?  A string?  both?

Then I want to separate all the strings out into a simple array of
individual strings.  Do I need to step through character and character and
build each string in my final array, like this?

    $stringnum = 0;
    $i = 0;

   while ($Table[$i]) {

        $Strings[$stringnum] =  $Table[$i];
        while ($Table[$i]) {   // march through the string until you hit the
            $Strings[$stringnum] .= $Table[$i];

      $i++; // jump over the 0
      $stringnum++;  // start next string

I just am not sure how PHP deals with these 'substrings' within $Table,
which is technically supposed to be a string itself, right?  Will the above
code work or is that the wrong way to do it? It seems like using the .= to
try to append characters is probably not going to work, but I'm not sure
what other way to try.

I appreciate any suggestions!

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bint contained the following:

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Have you looked at string functions in the manual?  Wouldn't explode()
do what you want?
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Re: php string help

thanks, I just saw explode.  I'm not sure how I could get it to work with
binary 0 as the divider, but I am going to redo my table so that it uses a
regular character instead of 0 -- so that should work.


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Null bytes are not treated as string seperators in PHP.


See the manual for ord() and chr() for more info.


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bint escribió:
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PHP is not hard-typed as C but functions do have documented return values:
string fread  ( resource $handle  , int $length  )

Thus $Table is a string.

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Nope. You have a good bunch of array and string functions:

To split around zeros you can just explode().

Although you can get a string offset using [], technically strings are
not character arrays in PHP as in C; they are a type of their own.

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