PHP SSH and mysql connection

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For a long time I've been trying to connect to mysql through a SSH  
tunnel. Although that si possible by setting up the tunnel manually  
(with 'ssh -L ...'), I'd like it to be done by PHP itself.

Now, with the SSH2 extension ( )  
it is possible to issue a 'ssh2_connect' and then a 'ssh2_tunnel'  
That returns a socket resource to the destination server.
So far, all fine.

How can I force that socket onto 'mysql_connect'?
I mean, what I have is:
$tunnel = ssh2_tunnel($connection, '', 12345);

But $tunnel is a PHP resource, and not in the format ':/path/to/socket'  
that mysql_connect expects...

Is this possible at all?


Re: PHP SSH and mysql connection

*** Hendrik Maeder wrote/escribió (Wed, 29 Jun 2005 11:14:35 +0200):
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According to manual mysql_connect() does not expect necessarily a socket
file (actually, ":/path/to/socket" support was added at a later time).

I haven't tried it myself with PHP so it's just a guess but... Once the
tunnel if open, can't you simply connect through it using host+port as
usual? The idea of a tunnel is that applications don't have to know about

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