PHP-SQL connection Failure.

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I had PHP installed on as CGI on a Window 2000 Server and connected to
an MSSQL 2000 on another server.  Both server were upgraded to Windows
Server 2003 and problems developed that I could no longer run PHP any

What I did next was to uninstall PHP and re-installed it as ISAPI, and
make necessary configurations in Windows Server 2003.  PHP seems to
work fine now on my applications are having problem connection to
MSSQL. One thing to note here is that I am using the old php.ini as it
has been adapted to the application.

The problem has to do with connection failure as shown below:

Warning: mssql_pconnect(): Unable to connect to server: ServerName in
c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ApplicationDir\adodb\drivers\ on
line 327

Warning: error_log(c:/Application_temp/errors.log): failed to open
stream: Permission denied in
c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ApplicationDir\adodb\ on
line 68

Fatal error: mssql error: [: Connection error to server
'ServerName,SQLUserName,PWD,Database' with user ''] in
PCONNECT(ServerName,SQLUserName,PWD,Database, '****', '****', ) in
c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ApplicationDir\adodb\ on
line 75

Is there any changes I need to make in php.ini regarding ISAPI
I am working with PHP4


Re: PHP-SQL connection Failure.

ao wrote:
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No, but you will have to ensure that the passed credentials are valid and
that the database server accepts connections from your IP.


Re: PHP-SQL connection Failure.

The connection problem was eventually resolved, it due to difference
in the version of ntwdblib.dll in the 2 systems.  The Webserver had
ver 7.0 while the sql-server had 8.0.

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