PHP socket works on Mac, but not on XP Pro

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This command works on my home computer:
if($locsock = socket_create(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, SOL_TCP)) echo
"Socket created\n";
My home computer is running Mac OS X, and is on a small LAN behind a
NAT router with a hardware firewall (no software firewall).  I tried to
execute the same command on a school computer.  It's running XP Pro and
is on a large LAN behind a NAT router and a (very overprotective)
hardware firewall.  It's also running "Microsoft Firewall Client for
ISA Server".
Both computers are running PHP 5.05.  Heres what I get when I run the
program on the XP computer:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function socket_create() in
E:\client.php on line 4
The schools firewall blocks all outgoing and incoming traffic on all
ports except for 80 (at least all the ones that I've tried) but all I'm
trying to do it make a connection to localhost ( on port 23.
The hardware firewall shouldn't be able to stop computers inside the
LAN from connecting to themselves, should it?  So does that mean it
must be the software firewall that is stopping me?  Does anyone know of
a way I can get this to work?  I've posted the whole program source
code (its not long) at:

Re: PHP socket works on Mac, but not on XP Pro

Seems that both computers don't have the same set modules installed.
That command gives me the same error on my machine. Can't upload to my
unix server at the moment to see if it it does there too.

You problem is well before the firewall, look at the php install.

Re: PHP socket works on Mac, but not on XP Pro

I downloaded and installed PHP and all of the library files on both
computers just a few days ago from here:
Does anyone know the filename for the library that I'm missing?

Re: PHP socket works on Mac, but not on XP Pro

I guess you and I need to reinstall! Look at this snip form

The socket functions described here are part of an extension to PHP
which must be enabled at compile time by giving the --enable-sockets
option to configure.

Note: IPv6 Support was added with PHP 5.0.0.

lol, back to the drawing board!

Re: PHP socket works on Mac, but not on XP Pro

I don't need IPv6 support.  I didn't run the installer for the windows
version.  I just put all of the files on a USB flash drive.  We aren't
supposed to run installers on the school computers.  What I could do is
install PHP with the installer on another windows computer, and copy
the file for that library onto the flash drive, but I don't know the
file name for the library that I need.

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