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I'm converting some static HTML pages to use PHP-mySQL. I will be able
to add/modify/delete records via the web using phpmyadmin, but I will
need to develop more user-friendly admin pages for non-technical
users. I don't want to reinvent the wheel--does anyone know of any
open-source packages in PHP that have your standard
display-all-records screens, with links for Edit, Add, Delete, as well
as subsequent pages that allow users to modify HTML form fields to
update data? Ideally, there would be some easy way to customize this
package, where I can just name the table and fields that I want users
to be able to modify, set a few other privileges, and make it
available. Any ideas?

Re: PHP Simple Content Admin Package

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Yes - write your own.

It's not a long job and you will learn along the way.

Just remember to think ahead.  Try not to code anything that you can't use
again.  Put common functions in a file so that you can
re-use them with other packages. etc.

Don't forget to validate your user input well before accepting it to your

Good luck.


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