PHP Signon/Signup solution needed

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I've looked at and installed PatUser and  
PHPautomembersarea but  
neither of those systems seem to do what I want, which is: some PHP  
pages need to run for anybody on the web and also for signed on users  
that get additional content,  I also want to protect  
folders/directories, interface with Paypal, and have lost password dialogs.

I've recently looked at Guard Dog /, but  
before I spend US $75 for it I'm wondering if anyone can give some  
feedback on Guard Dog, or can suggest a free or commercial PHP/MySql  
signon system solution they are successfully using or have deployed at a  
client site.

Thank You

Re: PHP Signon/Signup solution needed

Take a look at Pear's Authentication


// In this test, the file is named "test.php".

require_once "Auth.php";

function loginFunction()
      * Change the HTML output so that it fits to your
      * application.
     echo "<form method=\"post\" action=\"test.php?login=1\">";
     echo "<input type=\"text\" name=\"username\">";
     echo "<input type=\"password\" name=\"password\">";
     echo "<input type=\"submit\">";
     echo "</form>";

if (isset($_GET['login']) && $_GET['login'] == 1) {
     $optional = true;
} else {
     $optional = false;

$dsn = "mysql://user:password@localhost/database";
$a = new Auth("DB", $dsn, "loginFunction", $optional);


echo "Everybody can see this text!<br />";

if (!isset($_GET['login'])) {
     echo "<a href=\"test.php?login=1\">Click here to log in</a>\n";

if ($a->getAuth()) {
     echo "One can only see this if he is logged in!";

Re: PHP Signon/Signup solution needed

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