PHP-Sessions and squid-proxy

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I'm experiencing problems using sessions in php. As long as I access
my php-website with the browser using a direct connection everything
works fine. But when I activate my own or my providers proxy server a
strange phenomenon occurs: Every click on a link opens a new
php-session. No, new session is not the correct description: There is
a total of four sessions and it rotates cyclic between them.
I wrote another php-script trying to debug this behaviour and
discovered that everything works fine as long as I do not post any
GET-parameters like ?key=value. Is this a bug in PHP or do I have
misconfigured my proxy server?

I'm running the following software as webserver:
Apache/2.0.51 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.0.51 OpenSSL/0.9.7d PHP/4.3.8
PHP Version 4.3.8 (cookies are used for sessions)

I'm running Squid 2.4.6 on Debian linux

Browser is Mozilla 1.72 / Internet Explorer 6

This is the test script that works as long as I don't pass

    if (!isset($_SESSION["foo"]))
        $_SESSION["foo"] = time()."-".rand();

Does anyone have a clue?


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