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Hey all.
Trying to get sessions to work on my app. The issue is this. When the
main page loads I check for a session variable uname to see if the
user is logged in and display a "hello, username" message, or
otherwise use "guest." Pretty straightforward. Then I have a login
form that uses AJAX calls to log the user in. If the login info is
correct, I set  $_SESSION['uname'] to the username. However, if I then
refresh the main page, the session info is gone. Here's a glimpse at
what's going down....

From index.php:

<span>Hello, <?php if(isset($_SESSION['uname'])){
                                   echo $_SESSION['uname'];
                               else {
                                   echo 'Guest';

From login.php:

    $dbh=mysql_connect ...


                //do this on login SUCCESS:
                echo 'Login Successful';
                $_SESSION['uname'] = $_POST['un'];


I can't use session_start() in login.php; it gives me an error saying
http headers have already been sent.

Any suggestions?

Re: PHP Session question...

dysfunct wrote:
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You need session_start() at the beginning of EVERY page which uses sessions.

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Re: PHP Session question...

On Sat, 12 Apr 2008 03:48:21 +0200, Jerry Stuckle  
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Indeed, and you should be able to start a session on every request where  
it's needed BEFORE generating any output. The error message will tell you  
where the output started, get your session_start() before that.
Rik Wasmus

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