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Here is the problem that I am having.
I work on an application which is a newsletter editor, you login and you are  
able to create newsletters based on templates.

Everything works fine. The problem I have is that I made a dynamic image  
This script is called using javascript.

I have an <img src=""> which src is replaced with the script name and  
parameters to display the dynamic image live to the user when he chooses  
parameters from the dropdowns.

example format:


Anyhow, this works fine on IE browser, when I post everything appears  
But in Firefox, whatever was saved in a session variable on that page, gets  
lost on the next.

If I remove my dynamic image script from that page before I post, the values  
remain intact.

I have no idea how to fix this.
I tried to put session_write_close(); before doing  
include_once('image.html'); (which contains the html to load the image.php)
And it still fails. I also removed session_start(); from my image.php so  
that shouldn't affect it right?

Funny part, is that after I proceed, everything else in the session is saved  
but that part.

Anyone has any idea?  

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