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Greetings everyone,

I'm looking for someone to create a login for my website where after
users/visitors log in and/or they can sign up they can to get a
newsletter, post to the forums, add pictures to the gallery, add a
link to the links section, I just want them to have a one login for
the site to do these things.  

I will also need help to install those other php scripts and modify
them to use that login and database as well.

If anyone out there interested in this challegen please post here or
send me an email to:  mailinglist AT tapanime DOT com

I'm also willing to pay some cash like a little bit each month until I
get my finances in Febuary caught up.  I know there are some point out
there up for just helping people because they like to script so if I
can get this kind of extreme help free would be great.  If not I'm
flexible if I can have someone to help me out with this.

Chris Heilman
TAP Webmaster/Owner
The Anime PowerHouse
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