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Hi everyone,
this is my first "topic" on Google Groups.

I'm looking for a solution for 4 days, without results.

So... my apache is serving pages in UTF-8 but my php scripts are writed
(I'm speaking about strings) in ISO-8859-1.

How can I say at apache how to interpret my scripts in a different

I don't want to change every "è" with "è"
I think that it should be a simple configuration in the .conf or in the
.ini but... nothig found about.

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Hi :
I think that u  must the modify the  "Collation" (charset) of the table
 which u use :
if u use PHPMYADMIN after u select the table :
from >operations> Collation : then set the charst u wnat :)

Re: php script encoding

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 The character set that the browser uses to interpret the data is sent along
with the Content-type header.
(1) Override the header with:

  header('Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1');


(2) Check whether default_charset is set in php.ini

 It may be more suitable to change this instead, but it depends on your setup.

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Re: php script encoding

" 写道:
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and you can set apache like this:

AddDefaultCharset "ISO-8859-1"

add this line into your http.conf file.

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