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I would like to run a script at startup under SuSE 9.  I read and
figured out that it can be done using chkconfig and setting the proper
run level.  The problem I have currently is that I depend on system
environmental variables being available for PHP.  I am using PHP as a
scripting language (nothing to do with the web), and this PHP script
is called from the start up bash script, but it cannot retrieve any
environmental vars at runlevel 3.

When are environmental vars set and at which runlevel?  Or should I do
this some other way?



Re: PHP script at start up

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007 08:39:22 -0800, Slawek wrote:

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$ php -r 'echo getenv("ORACLE_HOME"),"\n";'


Re: PHP script at start up

Slawek wrote:

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Different environment variables are set at different stages. Many of the
good ones are not set until you log in.

What information do you need to find out from environment variables?
Perhaps there is another way of finding it.

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