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We plan to find a scanner that handles a stack of unfolded documents,
connected on USB port. The PC will be Ubuntu Linux (Dapper release).
Next, we're hoping that someone has created an API for PHP4 or PHP5,
such as a PEAR or PECL object, to connect to this scanner, read in the
documents, and convert to TIFF images for a folder on the Linux hard

What is your PHP preferred object library for scanning a stack of docs
on Ubuntu Linux?

Re: PHP Scanner API wrote:
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Why on earth would you even consider doing such a project in PHP?

I know this is a PHP newsgroup, and I'll probably catch flak for saying it,
but PHP is NOT NOT NOT a general-purpose programming language.  If you need
to talk to a piece of hardware, manipulate images, and manage the file
system, do it in a language that has support for those things.  C, C++, or
Python come to mind.  PHP does not.
- Tim Roberts,
  Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

Re: PHP Scanner API

Tim Roberts wrote:
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Why should you 'catch flak'? You're totally correct, anyone who knows a
little bit about PHP knows that this is not something you should let PHP

Rik Wasmus

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