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Hi all
   My name is Peter, Hong Kong People, the own of
and . It is a chinese programming website
build for mainland chinese and hong kong people. I am going to make a
united states version. My goal is to build a world-wide famous
programming website, If my goal is same as your goal, and if you are
interested to be a partner of me. Please leave you message here.

For the US version. I would like to merge the blog system to english,
build a project hosting website such as, and put daily news on

I don't have any income yet, so I cannot give you any money for the
cooperation, but if you are still interest, we can discuss the term of
the cooperation, may be you want share or whatever else.

from Peter (

Re: php project , partner wanted

peter contained the following:

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All your (code)base are belong to us?
Geoff Berrow  0110001001101100010000000110
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Re: php project , partner wanted

Geoff Berrow wrote:
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sure sounds like it . I've got a better idea

**DISCLAIMER rant/sarcasm contained below

Peter don't you spend all your time peter and help me develop MY software? /
Once its get popular I'll defiantly make it open source and not sell it
without giving any profit/credit to you.

See ? I can promote my site that has no real content ( in english ) for
people look at too and it has no adverts either.

I'll say No thanks.Once I have finished basic functionality and if I
want it to be available for everyone  I'll just create a sourceforge
account and go from there.

To be fair Peter you  you need to do some thing to make your site
English readable or start your English site and put something us non
chinese/japanese readers can read and make a judgment thats fair.

Otherwise you are not going to get any REAL interest, it just sounds
like your fishing for people to give you time / skills for free with no
   real return value .  If i wanted to do that I'll join a sourceforge
project and do that instead . At lease i can see in English that my
contribution is available for everyone to look at and use under a
reasonable license.

regards trookat

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