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Job Type: Internet/E-Commerce/Web Design, Information Technology, Computer

Job Location: Virginia-Charlottesville

Job Level: Part-time, Internship (Paid), Work Study, Temporary

Start Date: 02/01/2005

Job Title: Junior Programmer

Job Description: PHP/MySQL developer needed for ongoing and small
programming assignments (10-20 hours per week).
Work on-site or off depending on contract/work ethic/preference, salary
commensurate with knowledge/experience. Local candidates preferred.

Job Requirements: Candidate must be familiar with procedural programming
methods and techniques. Ideal candidate will have worked (or be familiar)
with PHP and relational databases (MySQL in particular).
Email résumés and (in the absence of work experience) a list of completed
courses to At least one faculty or professional
reference is required from a course instructor or employer witnessing your
use of an imperative language.

Job Duration: Ongoing

Positions Available: 1-2

Salary Information: $15-$25 per hour

Re: PHP Programmers wanted

Peter wrote:
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Sorry, but it sounds so insane. Choosing the right candidate is
*your* work and by asking reference, you'll be missing the nerds.

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Re: PHP Programmers wanted

hmm... I wonder if I'd count as a reference for myself? Afterall, I am
teaching a college course for PHP. ;)

Re: PHP Programmers wanted

I noticed that Message-ID:
Koivisto contained the following:

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Hey, me too. :-)

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Re: PHP Programmers wanted

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Why wouldn't the nerds be able to produce a reference? And if they can't
why bother?

Of course you would like people with skill and passion but at the same
time you want people who have proven themselves in some way. If you
can't come up with one single reference there might be a reason.

- Jacob Atzen

Re: PHP Programmers wanted

Jacob Atzen wrote:
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Say, for example: I'm looking for a change; but, you're asking my
current (probably the first) employer's reference. I'll be happy to see
such a dumb employer.

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