PHP Post, then HTML Post?

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Can anyone do this?

Using PHP, I want to POST or GET some variables to a second php page.
This, I already know how to do.

However, on the second php page, I want to use a simple, standard HTML
form using the standard form-submitting method such as:

<form action=" "

whereupon both sets of variables --- the earlier variables that were
POSTed or GETted to the second page, along with the standard form
variables derived within the second page --- will be POSTed to the
above URL.

In the second page, might I actually translate the received variables
into actual HTML code? For instance, if my first page POSTed the
variable xyz to the second page, then might the following code on the
second page receive that variable and then include it when the second
page's "Submit" button is pressed?

<? $xyz=$_POST['xyz']; ?>
<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="xyz" value="<?=$_POST['xyz']?>" >

Or how, otherwise, might this be done?

Thank you.



Re: PHP Post, then HTML Post?

Robert wrote:
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Yes, this is OK (if you trust the user not to change the hidden value).

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With session variables and (for example) CUrl.

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