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I have a PHP web page hosted by a server I do not control. I would like
to add some more advanced functionality, specifically using XML-RPC,
that is not supported by this server. I can host this extra content on
a web server I do control. I don't want to migrate the whole site,
because my server is an experimental box and may be subject to
downtime; in this case, I don't mind losing the extra content, but I
want the main page to stay in place.

My question is about the best way to embed pages from an external
server. I guess I can use fopen (or similar) to display the page
itself, but I also need the external server to respond to get and post
variables. Could I write a wrapping page to perform this functionality?

Any other suggestions?


Re: PHP page from several servers wrote:
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I would probably do one of the following:

Use an iframe.  Its just so easy, but may not work for what you want.
Use mod_rewrite to transparently rewrite the request, again, maybe not
what you want.
Remote include the file (if supported).  Not sure if this propagates
get, post, cookies, etc to the included page.
Use cURL to pass the POST data.

Constantly complain for the host to upgrade and include the xml-rpc
support.  You might be able to convince them if you can load it as an
extension to php instead of a complete recompile

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