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Threaded View is a PHP2PHP packer similar in workings t
o that is a well known JavaScript2JS Packe
r. It doesn't take long before compression of sorts will be achieved.

Please let me know of any glitches with this PHP version as I just made it.
 It is actually JavaScript that generates the PHP code.

Example Code Made by Generator:

$map='$Ä='<a href="Æ://È.À.Ê">Æ://È.À.Ê</a>';echo

Unpacker/Decompressor/Extractor is Only 70 Bytes!


Handy Uses For This Tool:

-packing and escaping HTML with embedded CSS, JavaScript (just change eval  
to echo)

-obfuscating your PHP source code

-discovering repeated words

-seeing the basics of almost all compression @ work (search/replace of repe
titive words)

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Re: PHP Packer

If you are like me, then you program is all languages, so here is the alternative server side packer for ASP:

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