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I have been looking for a very light weight PHP ORM library and I came
up with a few choices. Most choices require some form of
configuration, e.g. adding more fields to the class and many of them
are not so intuitive.
I do not want to use a framework, but prefer just the ORM for Q&D

Anyway, I built my own PHP ORM library called SORM (Simple ORM). You
can checkout the code and examples at .

I would appreciate if you can provide some feedback or directions on
how to proceed, things to change etc.
I want to use mysqli for database queries, specifically for prepared
statements, so as to avoid SQL injection.

1. Is there a way to use prepared statement with regular PHP - SQL

2. Is mysqli installed by default when you install PHP? (PHP 5.2 and


Re: PHP ORM Feedback requested

El 01/04/2011 8:21, Bharadwaj escribió/wrote:
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I'm afraid I don't have time to provide feedback but good luck anyway :)

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I suppose it's a matter of opinion but I tried mysqli once and I really
hated it. It has a pretty complicate and incoherent API. I've found PDO
way nicer.

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Not natively. You can write a custom abstraction layer on top of it and
emulate the feature with some string handling (I've done it and it's not
too complicate) but it'll always be a hack (e.g., parsed statements
cannot be cached). On the contrary, both mysql and PDO have provide it.

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It's not built-in in the main binary, if that's what you ask, so it can
be enabled and disabled, just like good old mysql extension. (My hosting
provider includes, if that helps you to make a little survey.)

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