PHP & Openssl

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I have installed PHP, and the OPENSSL extension.

The phpinfo() page confirms it is working :
OpenSSL support  enabled
OpenSSL Version  OpenSSL 0.9.8a 11 Oct 2005

I am using PHP Version 5.1.1

I am getting problems accessing https: pages through PHP


    $url = 'https://localhost/test2.html';
    $fp = fopen($url, 'r');

I get a "failed to create an SSL context" error; followed by a "Failed
to enable crypto"  error.

Obvouisly the web page works ok in a client browser, and I have checked
I can access it with openssl using the s_client command.

I am running it through IIS on WindowsXP SP2. The root certificate on
my local web server is signed by our windows2003 server (Do need to add
the root certificate into openssl?)

What am I doing wrong?



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