PHP on W$/IIS communicating with remote W$ SQL Server.

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Hi group,

I am probably going to develop a webapp for some company.
They want SQL Server as database, which is fine with me.
They have W$ machines for webserver (IIS5 I expect)
Their first choice for scriptinglanguage was VBscript/ASP and allthough I  
can do that, I prefer coding in PHP, so maybe I can talk them over to PHP.  

Now before I really screw up: Are there any issues with SQLServer as  
database and PHP as language?
If I am going to enter a minefield, I'll just stick with VBscript. :-(

I found two approaches: MSSQL 'direct' and ODBC.

Direct connect (using ntwdblib.dll):

and odbc:

Most comments on do not make it sound very easy to set up a direct  
connection using ntwdblib.dll.  
(dll versions, service packs, etc, and more things I cannot control.)

Is it wiser to set up a DSN and ODBC maybe?

I won't be doing a lot of funky stuff, no transactions, cursors, and such I  

Does anybody have any advise?
Certain things I should pay extra attention to?

Thanks for your time!

Erwin Moller

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