PHP on Tomcat on Windows

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Hello everyone

Yesterday I tried to instal PHP on Tomcat running on Windows. I used
this tutorial as my guide:

First I did everything like it is said in tutorial and I got an error:
net.php.servlet.send(Native Method)

This error is also stated in comments to this tutorial so I applied
"patches" stated in comments. It didn't work. So I restarted my PC and
then error was gone (after like 3 hours of trying to get to it work).

After my PC got up I entered http://localhost/test.php and saw that
there was nothing on this page. When I looked into the source I saw
standard HTML headers like coding page, <BODY> tag but nothing else.
My test.php page had this code in it:
echo "aaa";

Then I changed it to:
and to my suprise there was a PHP info in my viewer. Although the site
was suddenly stripped at the end. It looked like the PHP function
couldn't execute completly for some reason.

My question is: Why no other functions then phpinfo work? What should
I do so that this PHP installation would work correctly?

Kind regards

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