PHP on PIE: framework that combines the best ideas from great PHP projects

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Hey guys.

That subject line is from

Actually I just wanted to let you know that I made a new kind of PHP
framework, one that is not just a reals clone but hopefully helps
people take advatnage of real PHP. It takes a lot of concepts from
Drupal, symfony, Kohana and other frameworks and it's meant to be
super-fast and extensible.

So think CodeIgniter but way more powerful, extensible and reusable.
Except they have a cooler tagline involving "kick-ass PHP programs"
whereas mine just says "you can make great applications with PHP".

Just a few features off the top of my head:

* autogenerate models from your database
* turn your completed applications into plugins for others to use
* nearly everything can be overriden/customized
* unprecedented ajax support right ouf of the box
* re-usable components called "tools" that are self-contained with
their own javascript and back-end
* very intelligent ORM in case you want to use it
* extremely fast, like this fast:
* and just in case you scale to 1 million users or more, it supports
* oh and it promotes REST principles and separation of code, but you
can make it do whatever you want

It took me over a year to write this, and I've built a couple
frameworks before. But this is the ultimate one. I'm just releasing
this as open source because I think it might help others. Check it out
for yourself and enjoy. Any questions, you can contact me on there.


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