php odbc support for ms access

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We have a webserver, Apache, hosted on Linux and we use php as the
scripting language. Now, I am developing a form which will fill up a
Microsoft Access database (on a Windows machine). For this one needs to
use an ODBC connection. Now php has default ODBC support
( ), but I do not think this supports MS Access.

My question is what driver manager/drivers do i need to install for
one option was unixODBC, but we do not want to do this as this involves
rebuilding php.

Will iODBC work? or will the default support work is my  doubt.

It would be great if someone can help me with this.


Re: php odbc support for ms access wrote:

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Hi Harsha,

I am not sure, but ADODB can maybe help you.
I use that package with great happiness now for years. :-)
It is a database abstractionlayer that let you connect to many databases via  
a common API.  

There are some threadsafety issues with IIS however, but you use apache.

I never tried to connect to access, so you'll have to figure it out  
yourself. :-)

Erwin Moller

Re: php odbc support for ms access

Thanks for the answers guys! Now I know that I need a driver on the
Unix machine which hosts my website. So obdc support in php and obdc
driver are two different things right?

Erwin...I checked the adodb website and it supports and it supports
access but only in Windows ( ). Hopefully I
can find soemthing else.

Erwin Moller wrote:
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Re: php odbc support for ms access

ODBC is more like a framework. You need the separate drivers for the  
databases you want to access. Now, on your windows machine, ODBC will  
probably work, as both ODBC and the Jet-ODBC driver were installed with  
MS-Access (Access uses the "Jet" engine to access his database). The  
machine accessing the database should have the driver installed. So the  
Linux server should have an ODBC driver for MS-Access. I don't know if  
one exists for Linux.

Best regards wrote:
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