PHP & Object Oriented criteria to develop web sites

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Hi every body,
I've always tryed to build simple web sites (Mysql + PHP) without any
planning criteria.
I'd like to start developing of web site by using UML/WAE language but I
don't know where I can find How to, Case studies, books or online resources
to learn more about it.
Please, can you help me to find out what I need?

Re: PHP & Object Oriented criteria to develop web sites

"PHP 5 Objects, Patterns and Practice" By Matt Zandstra a good book.

Re: PHP & Object Oriented criteria to develop web sites


on 05/04/2008 04:23 AM Lomar said the following:
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You may want to take a look at the use case mapping methodology. It
defines a way to specify and plan your applications in terms of use
cases that you can model using UML diagrams. Then it defines a path to
implement each use case as a set of PHP classes of objects that
implement as the aspects of the use cases: verify pre-conditions,
satisfy pos-conditions, normal and alternative flow of events, etc..

The implementation is achieved with a compact MVC approach (controller
and view appear in the same class but in distinct functions).

Here is a document that talks about this methodology an provide a
practical example projects of a simple news publication system.


Manuel Lemos

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