PHP Nuke newbie (in fact, I havent even opened the box)

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I have an existing website that I am considering migrating to a content
management system (i possible). What I would like to do with my CMS
when running is allow the intended web user to update text, images,
links etc. What I dont wan them to do is alter PHP scripting, change
the look/menu/header of each webpage.

I have in the past used CMS's but not free. I would like to use
PHP-Nuke if this is what it does as I also use PHP/MySQL/Apache. Do I
have the right idea with what I am tring to achieve with PHP-nuke?

Also, a few more questions...

- Is it reletively simple to install. From reading, it appears to be
'out the box' style with the exeption of changing permissions and
stuff. Are all the databases/tables created for you with installation
files running on the server?

- On the official website it was asking for $10. This seems very
reasonable but isnt it free? I will be fully understanding if they are
just covering costs but I just want to make sure that I am not paying
when I shouldnt be because to start off, I will just be playing around
with PHPnuke to familiarise myself with it.

- Are there any other PHP/MySQL CMS's out there that are free that are
easier to install / just as many features / better for what I am trying
to achieve.

I have been on the official website but I was still unsure about
whether it was right for me. I understand that if so, I have a lot of
reading up to do. Any advice on this uknown patch for me would be very
much appreciated. Thanks


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