PHP not executing, IIS 6

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Hi, I'm attempting to run PHP on Microsoft IIS 6.0, and the PHP will
not execute.

For Example:



When I request http://localhost/test.php I get a blank page.
When I view the source, I get:


Any ideas what I am doing wrong?  Any resources that could guide me
through the install process?  The .php extensions are setup correctly
(I believe) in IIS.  Thanks for the help!

Mike Biang
Cramer Development
mike.biang - at - gmail -dot- com

Re: PHP not executing, IIS 6

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I am not extremely experienced but I read some time ago that <?php is  
somewhat more reliable than just <? , as far as I recall it can be ambiguous  
when more script engines are installed on one server. Maybe this link will  


Re: PHP not executing, IIS 6 wrote:
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Martien could be correct.  But also, what do you get when you look at the page  

If you see your code, either it isn't recognizing the shortcut <?, or you don't  
have the extensions set up properly.

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Re: PHP not executing, IIS 6 wrote:

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By default short tags are off.  Try replacing "<? ... ?>" with the long tag
"<?php ... ?>".  If you want short tags enabled, edit the sample php.ini
file, then copy it to c:\winnt (c:\windows ?? NFI - I don't "do" Windows
usually) and restart IIS.  The install documentation is pretty thorough
IIRC (been a while since I did a PHP+IIS install).


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