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I am completely new to PHP but I have to do a site which uses a little
bit of this language.
I just have to program an HTML form (small one, just 3 text fields and
a submit button) with PHP and mySQL. The application is supposed to
accept data entered by a user and store it in mySQL. And of course I
should be able to access the stored data.
Is there any sample code out there which is similar and I can study the
code and modify it? Maybe some book etc.
Thanks in advance.

Re: php noobie

roohbir wrote:
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This sounds strangely like a home work assignment.

I would google for the code of a guest book.

Re: php noobie

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and in particular google code
where you can say lang:php with your search keys
fer instance search for
guest book lang:php
should get about 1000 hits...

Re: php noobie

Following on from roohbir's message. . .
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Good news! : There's plenty of code on the 'net.
Good news! : There's plenty of manuals and How Tos on the 'net
Good news! : mySQL is not really difficult to set up
Bad news! : A bit of code off the shelf may not be secure against XSS  
and SQL injection.  (Matters which you MUST address.)

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