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Gary L. Burnore wrote:
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Actually, Informix isn't on the same level as Oracle.  DB2 would be a  
better comparison.

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Yes there is a phpMySQLAdmin fo PostGres
It's called phppgadmin (not an typo, but it is a bit of a bitch to


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Re: PHP MySQL WHY? wrote:
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MySQL is popular because most hosts have it, most hosts have it because  
it is popular (as alluded to by another poster).

Postgresql is very nice but at the end of the day useless if you don't  
always have a host you can control (most ISP friendly setups like cpanel  
etc. I think bundle MySQL).

 > Is there some winning advantage that MySQL has over PostGRES that makes
 > it the de-facto standard in the PHP world?

It was on both major host platforms first (to my knowledge), it also  
works out of the box extremely easily, even if sometimes it's integrity  
constraints are somewhat lacking. From my personal experience I also  
found the MySQL documentation hits Postgres out of the park. The fact  
that it is easy to learn and has great doco is probably what made it the  
optimum choice for most hosts in the first place.

 > Just curious, because I've been playing with PostGRES for about a month
 > now and it seems to scale MUCH better than MySQL, what with
 > clustering,transactions and all that jazz.

If you use the right table type I'm pretty sure MySQL has had  
transactions for a fair while. Same deal goes with most of it's other  
'failings', it is however rather unfortunate that the default table type  
doesn't support a lot of things (and more disappointing that things like  
views are only just being added).

Anyway basically I can't see postgres being deployed on run of the mill  
web hosts any time soon, most of them are still running the 3.23.*  
strand of MySQL.



Re: PHP MySQL WHY? wrote:
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1. Because more hosting providers have MySQL than either PostgreSQL
   or SQLite.
2. Because MySQL is much more Windows-friendly.  MySQL has a native
   Windows server, while PostgreSQL server only runs on Windows with
   Cygwin.  PostgreSQL client runs on Windows natively, but you have
   to compile it from source code.
3. Because PostgreSQL is more cumbersome to upgrade.  In particular,
   PostgreSQL data formats are incompatible between versions, so any
   upgrade necessarily involves dumping data before the upgrade and
   restoring it from dump files afterwards.

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Other than product promotion by MySQL AB, you mean?  I think so.
MySQL meets the needs of the cross-platform developer.  With MySQL,
you can develop on Windows and deploy on Unix.  With PostgreSQL,
you can (theoretically) develop on Windows, but you need Cygwin
and a C compiler before you begin.  


Re: PHP MySQL WHY? wrote:
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On top of that...   PostGIS is so far ahead of MySQL GIS that it's
rediculous.   I don't see any signs of MySQL GIS getting better either.
 Kinda sucks because I want to use PostGIS, but then again, many of the
apps I want to use only work with MySQL.

Re: PHP MySQL WHY? wrote:
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You forgot the dolphin. Programmers are attracted to cute animals.
That's also the reason why Linux is so much more popular than FreeBSD.


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    MySQL is simply better in bed...

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Re: PHP MySQL WHY? writes:

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        Actually, I think the clear reason was that MySQL had much
better performance than Postgres when involved in primarily read
operations from a database (which is a lot of web apps).  Because
it was not as full featured as postgres (that is changing now), it
just ran faster with less overhead.

        Admin also seems easier, MySQL for simple MyISAM tables just
stores DB's as a collection of simple files.  It really does make
it easy for admin to shuffle things around if you have to (of course
that is lost if you opt for transaction and Innodb tables).

        I'm sure someone will correct me, but I think the big
reason was admin simplicity and performance (usually a winning
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    ...and FULLTEXT search. We use it extensively
 all around the site. It's the most important
 feature of MySQL, IMHO. It did kill our server
 few times, but we will survive, we will survive.
 Bleed like us...

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