PHP/Mysql/special characters problem

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problem was single and double quotes.
headline is a form input field type text.

before writing to the DB i use :
$headline = mysql_escape_string(stripslashes($headline));

displaying again in a form to modify the entry :
<input type="text" name="headline" value="<? echo
htmlentities($data["headline"]) ?>" size="50" maxlength="50">

for the display of textarea entries you do NOT need the htmlentities

Re: PHP/Mysql/special characters problem

 .oO(Olaf Kliemt)

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What if magic quotes are disabled? Before using stripslashes(),
addslashes() etc. you have to check for that.

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Even in a textarea some chars have to be converted to entities.


Re: PHP/Mysql/special characters problem

Olaf Kliemt wrote:
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This will only be correct if magic_quotes_gpc() is on and $headline
comes directly from a GET, POST, or cookie variable. Wrap GPC input with
checks for get_magic_quotes_gpc() and run them through stripslashes if
and only if that's true.

ALWAYS run strings through mysql_escape_string() before putting them
into SQL string literals to pass to MySQL, of course.

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You most certainly do. Literal "&" needs to be converted (as it may be
followed by what could be character entity codes), and in particular if
the text includes a literal unescaped "</textarea>", any following text
will produce an arbitrary HTML inclusion -- creating a cross-site
scripting vulnerability.

I generally use htmlspecialchars() rather than htmlentities(), as it
doesn't disturb general text characters.

-- brion vibber (brion @

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