PHP/mySQL getting .csv file exported

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I'm looking for a little help.
I had a W2K server with Apache/PHP/mySQL installed and working.  I had
a specific page that ran a mySQL SELECT INTO OUTFILE and dumped the
outfile into a web accessible directory.  Now mySQL has been moved to
another server and my SELECT INTO OUTFILE no longer works.

mySQL help tells me SELECT INTO OUTFILE only can create a file on the
local system.
I've tried mapping a directory with no luck.

I looked into running a mysql -e command from the command line using
php's exec() but I can't get the results into a .csv file like I need.

So, can anyone help me with either getting the mysql -e to spit out to
a comma seperated file or point me in another direction to get the
file out of the DB into a .csv file on the webserver?

I hope that made sense.


Re: PHP/mySQL getting .csv file exported

Jason Reljac wrote:
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Have you tried with the absolute path?

Pieter Nobels

Re: PHP/mySQL getting .csv file exported

Yep, I tried that and it didn't like that either for some reason.
I think it has something to do with mySQL...


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