PHP+MySQL+Apache on Linux Redhat 9

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I have apache 2.0 install and mysql 4.0 installed. What I want is to
be able to use phpmyadmin to adminstrate the database. However the
problem I am running into is that the version of php that apache seems
to be using doesn't seem to be using the same version thats installed.
I have done a locate php to try and find if there is any other
versions installed but haven't found anything. When I do the command
php -v it comes up with the version that I installed. When I look at
all the configuration files for php and apache everything looks to be
in the right place and configured correctly. However when I move files
like the php module file for apache and move the php.ini
file apache still parses php files fine. The only thing that I have
found that might possible be causing this is I can't find the apxs
file anywhere on the machine.  When I look at the error logs for
apache to see why it isn't loading the version of php I want and the file it gives me the following error

PHP Warning:  Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php4/'
- /usr/lib
/ symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in
file libc.
so.6 with link time reference in Unknown on line 0

Now I cd'd into that directory and the file there. I looked
for the file and that is also there what is going
on here?

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