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I am currently undertaking a project in php.
I'm updating a current website, which is just a standard blog, but my
plan is to implement it as a similar site to myspace, i am just having
trouble with figuring out what way to implement the multisite feature,
as in, I want each user to be able to have their own 'space'/webpage,
within which, they will have their own blog...

I have researched this thouroughly & I can't find much informaation to
help me.

Any help on this would be majourly aprechiated.

Kind Regards,

Re: PHP & myspace etc..

You could put the user setting/info in a database and create dynamic
set of pages for each user when they log in.

Re: PHP & myspace etc..

I'm with him, just have all the information in a database, with a
template sort of page, then pull it out as you need it and generate the
page dynamically.

Re: PHP & myspace etc..

Yes, using a database is probably the best option. However, if you end
up getting a lot of traffic you're going to run into performance
problems. I would suggest using caching of some sort. I personally
prefer Smarty ( ). Smarty provides much more than
just caching - it's a great way to separate presentation from business
logic. I like to use Smarty to present the pages and Apache's
mod_rewrite to make the pages appear static. For an example you can see
this site:

If you have any questions as to how it's done, let me know.


Re: PHP & myspace etc..


Thank you al for the suggestions, they were all really helpful.
I'll post back with an update on how I get on with it.

Thanks again,

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