"PHP - MULTIPLE FORMS - SWITCH case: "(what Structure to use)

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Ok... I have to make this administation area where I have multiple Contents
to add edit delete publish .
The problem is that I don't know what is the best way of making the forms.
At the moment I create a new PHP file for add_page.php, add_student.php,
add_news.php, edit_page.php list_page.php and so on.

This way doesn't seem very good to me and I am wondering if I want to put
them in one file or in some more generic files, how am I going to do that.

For start created the content.php and did a switch $_GET['category'] and a
nested $_GET['action']  but I don't know what each case: should contain.

I don't want to put the whole html code for the forms in each case....
I have tried puting each form in a function but I had some stupid errors and
that also doesn't sound to me a good solution.

So if someone has previous experience pls Suggest me something...

Re: "PHP - MULTIPLE FORMS - SWITCH case: "(what Structure to use)

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Re: "PHP - MULTIPLE FORMS - SWITCH case: "(what Structure to use)

Angelos wrote:
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I normally do separate files.  It's much easier to keep the logic
separate.  If there are common things between them, I'll create an
include file.

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