PHP mediacenter. Looking for beginning devellopers

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I'm developing an application that runs on my intranet using PHP and JS.
It's goal is quite simple, to convert an internet browser into a media-
center. Allowing any device with a network-connection and browser to
access all my media which is stored at my server.
The main reason for starting this project, is that my Nintendo Wii cannot
function as a media-center due to it's small storage capacity. Another
reason is that I don't want to mod the machine in any way, just to keep
warranty. However the wii features the Internet-channel with support for
After starting the project, I found that it's use is not limited to the
wii. It can be used on any device with a browser.
At the moment of writing, some parts of the system are already
functional: The file browser, image viewer, MP3 player, wiimote input.
Still there's a lot of work left. It cannot play any video yet, the code
is still quite buggy and some extra artwork needs to be done. I want my
media center to look good after all. Another problem is that it currently
build to work with opera 9X. Using fire fox makes it look a bit ugly and
don't even get me started about IE7. Talking about standards...sigh. This
problem could however get solved by creating separate CSS files for each

The actual question, Is anyone interested in such a project? Is anyone
looking for such a solution? Or even better, are there any developers in
here who'd like to contribute. I'm especially looking for beginners/
newbies, since this is my first 'bigger' project. If anyone likes to get
more experience in developing in PHP, JavaScript etc. Just reply here and/
or send me a mail.

So if you are a beginner just like me, and don't know where to go next,
this might just be the opportunity to grow your skills. There are really
not much requirements. It's just a hobby project, and we'll see how far
we get.


Rob de Laat

Re: PHP mediacenter. Looking for beginning devellopers

Hey Rob, good idea! I stumbled across the same solution last week
online: check out
I found a torrent for this program and installed it. It turned out to
be exactly what you've described above. It works too! Altho the
playback rate is a little jerky on my slow server.
It would be well worth your while to download it and have a look - The
code's all there clear as day!

Re: PHP mediacenter. Looking for beginning devellopers

On Mon, 14 Jul 2008 14:23:39 -0700, Ciaran wrote:

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Yes, I've heard rumors about x-oom. It's basically does what i'm trying
to achieve with my project. I never thought i'd be possible to obtain the
code for that software, but if you say so I think might take a look.

Still it's not officially open source, neither does it support other
devices than Iphones and Wii's. Another problem is that it does not
support Linux/Unix/mac in any way. In my case it must run on any php/
apache environment. But the most important thing is than this project is
intended to learn, to extend the php/js/html/etc. skills of contributors.


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