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         Am looking for the morphing project using PHP.

         I have to morph the user uploaded picture to oldage, childhood
or teenage and etc.

         Also, If two pictures are uploaded, i have to generate a new
picture from those two.

        Is this possible in PHP??

        Any idea or any project available??? Plz let me know...

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Re: PHP Marph

sree wrote:
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I haven't worked on morphing software myself, so I could be wrong here.  
  However, I do know someone who has and we've discussed how it's done  
(at least as much as he can - he works for the government and much of  
his work is classified).

I'm not sure this would be reasonable in PHP.  Morphing requires a huge  
number of CPU cycles and is a heavy load even in a compiled language.  I  
don't know the algorithms (which themselves are protected by the  
governments and companies writing this type of software), but do  
understand they are tremendous CPU hogs.  I suspect doing them in PHP  
would take forever, even if you could get your hands on the algorithms used.

It would be an interesting project - but I think in this case PHP is not  
a good choice.

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Re: PHP Marph

On 2006-08-07, sree wrote:
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I was wondering about that myself a while ago, and figured that
ImageMagick looked promising. Unfortunately other projects came up and I
never actually got to try it out, but perhaps "ImageMagick" is just the
keyword you need :)

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