php mailing list operation

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 I'm using the mail() function to send out newsletters to subscribers,
problem is that it seems a little unreliable...
 at the moment I assemble the mail outside a loop then iterate through
all the mail addresses
should i be putting in a delay message or a retry_on_fail method or


Re: php mailing list operation wrote:
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mail() is not usually the best choice - you should try using sendmail or  

But, anyways, for mail, you should batch them.  I send 50 at a time.  If  
you do not, your script will either time out or your browser will abort.

Carl Vondrick

Re: php mailing list operation

I've had a similar question myself.
I don't want the email to contain a long To: or CC:, but I don't want
to loop a bunch because sometimes mail() takes forever to send.

Is there a way to simply queue them up and let the mailer daemon
process them at its leisure, so the mail() command returns nice and

I know you wouldn't have any useful information returned as to whether
it mailed or not, but I'm not worried about that.

-Richard Levasseur

Re: php mailing list operation

Richard Levasseur wrote:
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I am by no means a mail expert, but the way I just do it is batch them.  
  With a little bit of Ajax, the thing is seamless.

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Carl Vondrick
usenet [at] carlsoft [dot] net

Re: php mailing list operation


on 02/27/2006 11:44 PM Richard Levasseur said the following:
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Yes, some MTA provide means to just queue the message and do not wait
for delivery attempt.

Under Linux/Unix, sendmail and exim have switches for this. Under
Windows you can drop the messages in Exchange pickup folder .

If you want to go for these solutions, you may want to try this class.
It has sub-classes specialized in deliverying with different MTA:
sendmail (or exim, or postfix), qmail, SMTP, Exchange pickup folder,
etc.. Just call the class SetBulkMail function before entering the bulk
mail loop.

PS. Do not use SMTP for bulk mailing unless you do not have an
alternative. It is the slowest method of all.


Manuel Lemos

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