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Hi All,
    Is it possible to implement a mailing list using PHP?. I know I could
maintain a list of emails addresses in a db and send mail to them through my
website, but how can I get true mailing list behaviour where emails are sent
to a particular address (like and then distributed
to all of the email addresses?.


Re: php mailing list

Dave Moore wrote:
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Wouldn't a more general purpose language be more suitable for this? I
would think a language such as PERL or Python would be better than a
web-oriented language. I know there are some excellent modules in the
Python standard library for these types of tasks.


Re: php mailing list


on 04/11/2005 04:13 PM Pingveno said the following:
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That is a myth. I use this class to send more than 2 million mailing
list messages every month. It provides MTA independent means to optimize
its deliveries for bulk mailing. At least one mailing list sends
messages to about 100.000 users every day in just 20 minutes.

I use this other class to fetch the bounced messages and unsubscribe


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Re: php mailing list

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With the php cli/cgi version being called from eg. procmail:

| foo.php

The incoming mail can be read from php://stdin.

Re: php mailing list

Daniel Tryba wrote:

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....but you really want to prevent looping and detect bounces otherwise
you're going to be in all sorts of trouble (both can be done from procmail
or in PHP)



Re: php mailing list

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I know (found that out the hard way in 1995 (when diskspace was still
scarce), an angry mail from the admins and a small gzipped 700kb file
that I couldn't extract to a 120Mb partition :)

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