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I think I have it narrowed down. If I do "sendmail -t"
it works great. No errors in the log. If I do "mail -s "test"" it also works great. No errors in the log. So I feel
good in saying that sendmail is working properly. According to the website sendmail is what php uses. I also verified this in
the php.ini file.

So that leaves either a misconfiguration in php or bad data being fed to
the mail client. I did a "mail("dave\","test subject", "Test
Body"); " as suggested and the email goes thru but the log file shows
the crcr error. So even though the data being fed to the mail program is
simple strings, with absolutely no end of line characters, it still
generates errors.

Soooo, I think that leaves me with a php problem. An idea how I should


Re: php mail problem

Dave Calhoun wrote (in part):

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Why are you escaping the '@' in your string? You don't have a 'From: '
   mail('','test subject','test body','From:','-f');


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