PHP mail marked is phishing

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Hi guys,
I am writing a simple script that sends an email to a user using
mail(). The problem is when the mail is received it is marked as
phishing. I am wondering if there is a way to fix this issue.


Re: PHP mail marked is phishing

Jack wrote:
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It depends on what is doing the marking and on what it is basing its  
judgment. The fact that you are using mail() is not directly relevant, since  
thousands of emails are sent by using mail() every day and these are not all  
marked as phishing.  

Re: PHP mail marked is phishing


on 01/12/2008 04:35 PM Jack said the following:
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It could be a problem due to malformed messages. You may generating
messages that do not respect the e-mail standards and whatever considers
it phishing takes it as an attempt to explore an eventual bug in a mail
client program.

I use this MIME message composing and sending class. It generates
message strictly conforming to the e-mail standards. Try using this
class to send your message and check if the message is still considered


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Re: PHP mail marked is phishing

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Could it be that you're sending from a different domain than the
'from' address of your e-mail?  or that maybe your host doesn't have a
reverse DNS entry?

Two things to check into...

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