PHP mail() function failing to send mail

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Hi everyone,

Our setup:  PHP 4.3.11, FreeBSD 5.3 RELEASE, Sendmail 8.1, 1 host
environment, 2 jails.

Our problem:  While we can send email from the command line just fine
in one of the jails, we cannot use the php mail() command to send email
using sendmail at all.  The function, when executed, does absolutely
nothing.  No error, no reports to the maillog, nothing.

I've read somewhere that it's "not possible" to send mail using the php
mail() function within a freebsd jail, but i'm nearly certain we have
it working this way on another server, but can't seem to figure out the

Anyone know any tests we can do to learn more?


Re: PHP mail() function failing to send mail

Check out the log messages from your sendmail...
If it's not logging anything, try increasing (temporarily) the log
level (24 should be more than enough)
Probability says that you're running into a permission issue with
Probably your PHP/Apache user is not allowed to relay email.

I'm not sure this might apply since I am not familiar to BSD, but, had
similar problems with a RH machine just a few days ago

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