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In this application the PHP scripts are running on one server, but the
postfix server is a different machine.  I tried this Pear mail and
although it does send using a report SMTP server there are a few
things that I cannot seem to do:

- Cannot seem to alter headers to send HTML email
- Recipient always has email appear as "undisclosed-recipients"

Can anyone help?  Is there a better / easier way to do this?  We need
to send HTML emails.  We tried PHPMailer and could not get it to work
at all, so, we are looking for another suggestion.


Re: PHP Mail

The Magnet wrote:
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I just use whatever  it is that's the standard php library.

Works fine..BUT what platform are you should have SOME kind of
local mail transport surely?

Re: PHP Mail

On 11/20/2010 6:22 PM, The Magnet wrote:
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I would suggest you find out why PHPMailer won't work.  It's by far the
best mailer program around.

I never used Pear mail because PHPMailer is so much better.

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Re: PHP Mail

The Magnet wrote:
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Most of these extra mail libraries are overkill. Did you look at the PHP
site documentation for the mail() function? There are some examples
(perhaps contributed by 3rd parties) which show you how to send HTML
emails. If you always use the same format, i.e. maybe with no additional
attachments, it is pretty simple to roll your own function using the
mail() function.

Also, it is a good idea to read the RFC docs referenced in the PHP site
to understand what is going on WRT email headers.

Re: PHP Mail

Robert Hairgrove wrote:
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yes. php's mail functions is entirely adequate. But it will invoke the
local sendmail on the local machine: So that must needs be set up.

If its on linux, exim or postfix are relatively simple to configure.

IIRC on windows you have the option to forward to a smart host.

Re: PHP Mail

.oO(Robert Hairgrove)

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It might help to say what "could not get it to work" means. Such a
simple "doesn't work" is no error description and hence pretty useless.

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Not really.

If you have a reliable mailer class, you really don't want to use the
mail() function anymore. Especially creating MIME meassages by hand is
just nonsense, error-prone and too much work.

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With a good class it's even simpler and much more reliable:

$mail = new Mail(…);

Something like that.

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A good class takes care of all those things, including prevention of
header injection, which is often forgotten when using mail().


Re: PHP Mail

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I'm sorry, I should have been more detailed.  I am running CentOS
5.x.  We were using mail(), but now since Postfix is on the other
server, I need to find a way to have it use that server.

With PHPMailer, there was some sort of class file which I could not
find and could not get the procedure working.  I cannot explain it,
just the call did not do anything.If you have an example of how
PHPMailer is used or where I can go to see one, and get a complete
copy of it, because the copies I downloaded were always missing some
class.xxxxxxx.xxxxx  file.

Thanks you a lot.

Re: PHP Mail

On 21-11-10 21:38, The Magnet wrote:
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what is wrong with:


Re: PHP Mail

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Hmmm, I suppose this is true, but I've completed my mail client doing it
all by hand (partly as an exercise, anyway). It appears to work so I'm
not inclined to go back and re-engineer that part using a class. I did
use a class for spam handling but that's largely because I found an
example on the Internet to base it on.


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