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Currently, we are looking for a knowledge base/content management
system that can use email archives. For example, when I send an email
to some customer, I bcc the email to a predefined email address. The
kb/cms can automatically read the email archive and save it to DB and
categorize it.

It's not neccessary to be real time. The system can be scheduled at
night to analyze the email archives.

Do you have any idea whether there's such php open source project?


Re: php knowledge base/content management using mailing list archive

John H. wrote:
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Backing up emails is generally done by the MTA, often times by spawning  
a process to do the work.  I guess it could be done in PHP, but most of  
the ones I've seen are done in Perl or C/C++, and are specific to the  
site (and MTA).  Analysis can be done by PHP, but but generally is done  
in C/C++ because of performance and availability of library packages.

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