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  My old boss wrote an extensive work tracking system in php for
internal use.  He left and the server he is running it on is very
outdated so I have been given the task of transfering it over to a new
server and the latest versions of php, mysql, and apache.  That
information is probably not relevant to the question.

 His system has some javascript forms.  One of which is a drop down
menu that uses the onchange functionality.  Here is the code:

echo "<FORM NAME=\"changeday\" METHOD=\"post\"
echo "<SELECT NAME=\"xselected_date\"
for($i=0;$i<$past_days;$i++){                             // loop through past X days
    echo "<OPTION VALUE='".$dates[$i]."' ";                     // output option
    if ($dates[$i] == $selected_date) {echo "selected";}                 // hilight
currently selected
    echo ">".$months[$i]."/".$days[$i];                        // finish option
}                                          // end of past months loop
echo "</SELECT>\n";                                        // end of pull down menu
echo "<input type=hidden name=xtech value='".$tech."'>";                    // keep
currently selected tech
echo "</form>\n";                                        // end of change month form

I realize this is messy code, that is why this has been so hard for me.

My problem is the following:

The selected value in the menu is set to $xselected_date.  Then upon a
change the form is submited back to this same php file.  At the
begginning of this php script the code then does:

if (isset($xselected_date)) {blah blah blah}

But this conditional is never evaluating true.  Does the select name
variable not remain declared across the form submit?  If not, is there
a way around this.

Thank you in advance for the help, if i need to provide any more
information please let me know.


Re: PHP Javascript forms wrote:
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Re: PHP Javascript forms

Some more information:

This script worked on the old server but does not work on the new
server.  The new server is running php 5.2 I am not sure what version
of php the old server was running but it was at least a year or 2 old. wrote:
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Re: PHP Javascript forms

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Hi Eric,
are you getting ANY of the variables passed into workentries.php ?

If not, you probably had Register Globals ON, on the old system, and they  
would be set to off on the new one

at a 'cleaner' alternative, you could revise each variable reference to:

$_REQUEST['variablename']  where variable name is the HTML field name
Not this MUST be case perfect.



Ron Barnett
IT Support for Business

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Re: PHP Javascript forms wrote:
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Register_globals is off, by default in Php5 and that appears to be your  

Your conditional would need to be:
if (isset($_POST['xselected_date'])) {blah blah blah}

You will need to make similar changes *all over the place* (for all GET,  
POST, and COOKIE variables).

I'll probably get thrashed for saying this, but if you want to see your  
scripts work, ... right now ... change register_globals to on in php.ini.

This creates a potential security hole and it is not advised (hence the  
default setting in Php5), so you may want to work on the more long term  
solution. Most all hosts refuse to run with register_globals on because  
of the security issues.

On your own server, it's your own call. Having register_globals on means  
you need to be very careful how you treat POST and GET variables.

 Chuck Anderson • Boulder, CO

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