php installation prolem

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 Hi all,

I tried to install the php-5.1.4 on my server [HP-UX 11.23 ia64
(itanium machine)] but failed. Kindly please help me.

Below are what I have installed:

1) IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 9.40.FC7
2) GNU_C_C++ (4.1.0)
3) Perl5-32 (D.5.8.3.D, The 32 Bit Perl Programming Language with
4) Perl5-64 (D.5.8.3.D, The 64 Bit Perl Programming Language with
5) bison (2.1, bison)
6) flex (2.5.4a, flex)
7) gettext (0.14.6, gettext)
8) libiconv (1.10, libiconv)
9) libxml2 (2.6.23, libxml2)
10) m4 (1.4.4, m4)
11) make (3.80, make)
12) zlib (1.2.3, zlib)
13) Apache (2.2.2)

My configuration command for apache:

./configure --enable-module=all --enable-shared=max
--prefix=/test/gk/apache --enable-so

My configuration command for PHP:

./configure --with-apxs2=[path-to-apxs] --with-informix=$INFORMIXDIR
--disable-pear --diable-cli

This is the error message that I got while building PHP:

libtool: link: cannot build libtool library `' from
non-libtool objects on this host: /apps/informix94/lib/esql/checkapi.o

Thanks in advance or your help!

Re: php installation prolem

Henry wrote:

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what flavour of linux are you running? to make it easy why not use a
package manager to ensure all dependcies are installed, like "apt-get
install php5" or "yum install php5"


Re: php installation prolem

Hi flamer,

I am using unix version 11.23 in a 64 bit itanium server. Is there any
suitable package for this type of OS?


flamer wrote:
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