php.ini problem.

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php5.14, apache 2.0.58 windowsXp

there's no problem running apache server with php.

but i can't modify my php.ini file.

when i tried to modify my php.ini in c:/php to load extensions, i

php.ini in c:/php didn't do anything.

phpinfo() shows php.ini file is loaded at c:/windows

but there's no php.ini in c:/windows

searched, nope there isn't. copied php.ini to windows folder, deleted
it. restart the server

phpinfo() still shows php.ini at c:/windows. of course it worked with
administrator on xp.

did it again in safe mode, won't work. I finally gave it up to find
php.ini at windows folder.

just copied modified php.ini file to c:/windows but php still doesn't
do with modified ini file

eventho phpinfo() is saying php.ini is in the windows folder.

it's totally annoying me :(

where's THE php.ini file php loaded?

anyone can tell me something?

Re: php.ini problem.

gg9h0st wrote:
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As it indicates, you're system is trying to load it from c:\windows.  If PHP  
doesn't find a php.ini file, it will use defaults.

You can place a php.ini file in that directory (easiest), or go in and modify  
the Windows registry to point to it elsewhere.

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Re: php.ini problem.

gg9h0st wrote:
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it seems that the apache server is not able to find the php.ini file.
ensure that it presented in the c:\php folder(assuming that u have
extracted php into c:\php folder). add the PHP folder path in the
system path.(it can be modified by > right click on My Computer >
Properties >Select Advance Tab > Choose Environment Variables> Select
Path in System Variables). now create a new System Environment Variable
named PHPRC and give it value to the folder where php is extracted(i.e
c:\php). Remove PHPIni Directive from Apache configuration
now it should work fine.

You can also try to check if PHP and Apache is working fine
PHP and MySQL integration can be checked by the following method.

GO to Command Prompt(Start>run>command of cmd)
goto the directory where PHP is extracted , run php.exe. now use php
-m. it will show the modules loaded my PHP. it should contain MySQL.
You can also check it another way by the running any mysql command from
command line i.e , php -r
mysql_connect('your_host','username','password'). it should execute
without any error.

Hope this will work.
and don't forget to check PHP manual , it is worth seeing it! so check

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