php include - dns issue?

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On '' there is a simple php file with an include that
calls a script on my company's server ''

The script on my company's server seems to work fine when I test it alone in
the browser(it generates some xml) but when I attempt to call it from the
other companies server as an include, I cannot access it. I *can* get to it
from the include when I use the IP address.

According to my company's IT guy there are no issues with our DNS. According
to the other company they are not restricting outbound access to

 Testing something along the lines of:
$socket = fsockopen ($Connection, $Port, $errno, $errstr, $Timeout);
print "Error $errno: $errstr";


Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: php_network_getaddresses:
getaddrinfo failed: No address associated with hostname in
/usr/local/www/ on line 25

Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Unknown error) in
/usr/local/www/ on line 25

Any thoughts on the issue? Are there any diagnostic methods I can use to
troubleshoot what the issue is?


Re: php include - dns issue?

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Why do people do this?  It seems terribly risky.

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If the include works with an IP address and not with a hostname,
all other things being equal, including the PHP running on the same
server both times, you have a DNS problem of some sort.
You've also eliminated a number of issues regarding allowing
remote urls and safe mode.

One possibility to consider is that the host name and the IP address
do not point to the same place.  Another possibility is that if the
DNS for the host name just changed, it might be out of date on the
servers the PHP host is running on.  (Allow at least 4 days for changes
to take - and no, I really don't care that YOU always observe changes
to DNS take in under 60 seconds.  The rest of the world
doesn't use your DNS servers to do all their queries.)

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If you can get to it by IP address, the other company's guy is right.

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1.  Find out what's in /etc/resolv.conf on the PHP server - which
    DNS servers it's using.
2.  Ask *THOSE* servers for the IP address of
    Do you get the correct answer from all of them?

It sounds like the complaint is (a) the domain doesn't exist, or
(b) the host doesn't exist (has no A record or CNAME record, or
the CNAME record points to someplace nonexistent), or (c) the
PHP host has broken DNS configuration and can't resolve *any*
hostnames (unlikely, as the web server would likely complain).

Another thing to do is to trace the DNS all the way from the root.
If the registration for expired and Network Solutions
turned it off, and you host your own DNS locally, you might not
notice the problem, since it works for you, but not for the rest
of the world.  The same thing happens if the officially registered
servers for the domain point at the wrong place.

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                        Gordon L. Burditt

Re: php include - dns issue?

David Arden Stevensonn wrote:
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include() on a file only works if you are on the same server (or have a  
shared disk between servers).

When you include from an ip address, the request goes to the web server  
which then processes it like it would any other PHP file.

If you change the extension to something not parsed by the server, you  
will get the source code and be able to use it - but you'll be operating  
on the remote machine and only have the resources (database, etc.) the  
other machine has available to it.

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