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Hey so I'm not new to php, but I'm no guru either, however recently (6
months) i have gotten a macbook, and have been playing around on the
terminal, come to find if you type "php" in the terminal, i'm pretty
sure its running php, because i can then type code, however, it
doesn't interpret the code until i press CTRL+D (which quits php) does
anyone know what keystroke or how to just interpret the typed code
without logging out for some quick php testing?

Re: php in terminal shell wrote:
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php -h shows you the command line options.  -a executes interactively.

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Re: php in terminal shell

misterparker wrote:

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The more usual way would be to create a file called "test.php" on your
desktop (or wherever) with all your PHP commands in it, using a text
editor such as TextWrangler < .

Then open your terminal and run "php ~/Desktop/test.php" and you'll see
the output. Keep TextWrangler and the terminal both open at once, and
switch between them, playing around until you get what you want.

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