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I am writing to ask if anyone could let me know of any tutorials...

I want to make an add-on for my site.  What I want to do is add an
instant messanger feature, where members can IM each other.

Preferably, I want to implement this without adding a database table.
I hope to use a combination of both PHP & Javascript.  Is this a
realistic approach?

I have looked into this and can't find much information on it.
If anybody has ever done such a feature for their site and has any
articles/tutorials.. on this subject i'd aprechiate it if they could
pass them on.  Or also any opinions.

Thanks in advance,

Re: php IM advice

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Its doable. But I think using a database would be easier and give better  
performance. Then again if you have no experience of database the former  
probably isn't true.

I'd use an XML file.

- Have a form with name and message field or whatever you want. File  
called "mainsite.html" say. Give the form action "addim.php"
- In "addim.php" make sure you don't echo anything and just write the  
code to add the message to the XML file and then use Header("Location:  
mainsite.html") to send the user back to the same page. The user should  
see nothing change at all but the processing will have been completed.
- Back in mainsite.html use a frame (anything that you can use to  
display something from an external file) to show your instant messages.  
Then that will automatically call "parseims.php" every time  
"mainsite.html" is loaded
- Create "parseisms.php" to display the last 5 or so entries in the XML  
file, and possibly delete those above to keep things fast.
- You could use JS in mainsite.html to refresh the contents of the frame  
periodicly which you wouldn't be able to do with inline html code such  
as a layer or table. Actually thinking about it you might but its  
harder, depends how much you dislike frames.

I might try something like this for my own site come to think of it


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