PHP + IIS + Visual Studio.NET 2005 and Apache

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Hi guys,
I trust that you guys can help me out with this one - I'm having
problems setting up IIS as the only web server within Visual Studio
2005 environment. I simply don't have a way around this. The machine
has Apache installed and everytime a program is run, it starts up an
instance of Apache rather than the desired IIS. I am trying out the
VS.PHP for Visual Studio.NET 2005 application, and I have not able to
run programs correctly. Using Apache seems to run half way then shoots
off an error (Apache HTTP Server has encountered a problem and needs
to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience > details >"AppName:
apache.exe     AppVer:     ModName: php5ts.dll
ModVer:     Offset: 000978e5"), but at least it shows some signs
of life. I resolved to use IIS but for some reason, Apache starts off
rather than IIS as it displays the same errors (above) - apparently,
Apache was still set up as web server and not IIS. Where within the
Studio do I configure IIS as web server and not any other alternative?
I have checked a number of fora on this but the recommendations don't
seem to be the fix I need. Any clues will be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: PHP + IIS + Visual Studio.NET 2005 and Apache

PI wrote:

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Hi PI,

I seriously doubt if many in here use Visual Studio.NET.
You might get luckier in a group targetting that program.

Erwin Moller

Re: PHP + IIS + Visual Studio.NET 2005 and Apache

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Try vs.php's forum

I believe vs.php will only work with apache.  You have a choice of using  
the apache that comes bundled with vs.php, or using your own apache  
install (see Project -> <project name> Properties -> Config Properties ->  
Debug -> Advanced.

I had the same problem with apache crashing during debug and could not  
resolve it within the trial period.  Ended up using eclipse and PDT.

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